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           Lydia is a costume designer for television, film, commercials, and theater with over ten years of experience. As a costume designer Lydia strives to bring the pages to life by creating authentic characters achieved through research and a deep understanding of the character's psychological, social, and emotional nuances. No matter the era or genre, through the use of color, texture, and silhouette she shapes characters that elevate and enhance the overall production.

           Apart from her role as a designer, Lydia also excels as an assistant designer, key costumer, and shopper. She has a wealth of historical knowledge and costuming experience and her exceptional attention to detail, adept communication skills, and strong problem-solving abilities make her an invaluable asset to any team.

           She draws inspiration from global travel, connecting with diverse individuals, and continuously embracing fresh experiences with an open spirit. Hailing from central Wisconsin, she was nurtured by parents who immersed her in art and culture, fostering a deep love for theater. This early passion led her to create her own productions, with her pets, sisters and neighborhood friends often becoming her enthusiastic cast.

          Lydia pursued her education at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, earning a Bachelor of Arts in theater. Her journey continued with a full scholarship to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, where she completed her Masters of Arts Degree in stage design. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and is an active member in I.A.T.S.E as a cardholder for both the Costume Designers Guild Local 892, and the Motion Picture Costumers Local 705.  She is also a voting member of the Television Academy.

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