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A Central Wisconsin native, Lydia began creating characters through costume at a young age by making films with her sisters on snow days and participating in community theater.  This interest blossomed into her pursuing a career in costume design.  

As a costume designer, Lydia strives to bring to life the characters on the page.  She has designed costumes for feature films, TV series, theater productions, and commercials.  In addition to leading the costume department she has been a crew member on a host of other feature films, television series, and commercials.  In addition to design she has worked as an assistant costume designer, shopper, costume supervisor, costumer, stitcher, and crafts person. She has a wealth of historical knowledge and costuming experience.

Lydia has a BA in theater from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and an MFA in costume design from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.  Lydia is a member of the Costume Designers Guild Local 892 and the Motion Picture Costumers Local 705.

Lydia Graboski-Bauer
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